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Solid Brass Dress Belt Buckle/size compared to a quarter

Solid Brass Belt Buckles/Dress & Lg Logo/size compared to quarter 
** 1980 Pistol Case Buckle / Limited edition/1 of 3500/ 22 Kt gold plated Pistol & edge/ Rhodium plated on balance of face/NIB    SOLD
** 1982 American Tradition Buckle/ Limited Edition/ 1 of 2500. Made same as Pistol Case above/ shows some wear as it has been worn.
** Limited Edition Laser Etched Knife & Buckle Set w Rainbow Trout in gold etched/ Serial # 33 of 1000/NIB/Sold

Round Solid Brass Coaster Set/Leather/wBrass Logo Insert/Wooden display holder/size compared to a quarter/Sold

Square Set of Solid Brass Coasters/leather/w Brass Logo Insert/ Rosewood Display Case/size compared to a quarter
** Set of 4 Metal Coasters w plastic center for glasses to rest on. Brilliant diamond-cut metal finish/1980 vintage/each coaster is individually boxed
** 1980 Pistol Case Buckles in Brass & Antique Silver   SOLD

** 1982 American Tradition Buckles in Brass & Antique Silver   SOLD

** 1981 Horse Thief Buckle in Brass SOLD

** 1975 Hostile Buckle in Brass   SOLD

** 1980 357 Magnum Buckle in Antique Silver   SOLD

** 1981 44 Magnum Buckle in Antique Silver   SOLD

** 1982 Brown Bear Buckle is Brass & Antique Silver   SOLD
** 1977 Horace Smith & D B Wesson Buckle in Antique Silver   SOLD

** S & W LOGO Buckle in Brass/SOLD

** 1983 Whitetailed Deer Buckle in Brass    SOLD** 1978 Last Cartridge Buckle in Brass   SOLD
** A variety of pewter & brass buckles all designed to fit up to 2" belts