Travis Lundquist     Bow hunting for deer 10-15-2010

Hey Grandpa and Grandma! I had an exciting night on Friday. I got off work early and headed right out into the woods with my bow looking for a buck. It was pretty gusty so i wasn't sure if i was going to see much or not. It was about 6:15 and i decided to lay on the grunt-growl call to try and irritate an early rutting buck. Shortly after i grunted the swamp i was next to erupted with bucks. There was a nice 8 pointer that was bedded down by me the whole time about 70 yards away. he showed some interest but then went on his way. My heart sank a little, but i turned to the sound of another deer coming from the north of me. This deer was crashing through the brush and i could hear his antlers hitting sticks on his way. He would stop and grunt a couple times, and i would reply with a couple tending grunts, then the crashing brush would start again. It took him a while to get over my way, so it was nearly dark when he emerged from the brush into the corn field i was next to. He came right down the edge following my sent i put out, and stopped 10 yards away presenting me with a perfect broadside shot. With my Fred Bear Instinct, I 'instinctively' drew my bow back, placed my pin where i wanted the arrow to go, and let her fly. I had a lighted nock on so i watched my arrow sail through the air and place a perfect heart/lung shot on this big boy. He jumped, and ran 30 yards and i heard him fall over. I had sealed the deal! but then he jumped back up again, and ran another 50 yards, where i heard him fall again, this time i heard coughing and then silent. After that little scare, i knew that i really did seal the deal. So I called up dad and my cousin in-law Brad and they came out to help me track my deer. After about 10 minutes of tracking in the dark, i came upon my biggest buck i have ever shot, and my first buck with my bow. To me he isn't big enough to do a shoulder mount, but i am very proud of him! Now i can relax :) Here's a couple pictures of him, i also attached the trail camera picture of him too when he was in velvet. Thought you would enjoy my story, and the pictures! Hope you guys are doing well, love and miss you both!