5 Card Collector Set/ Original Smith & Wesson Shooting Team//Roy Jinks/* Captain/J. Michael Plaxco/Brian Enos/Jerry Miculek/Judy Woolley

The following backs of the cards gives a brief synopsis on each of the original "Team Smith & Wesson" members

Decks of Playing Cards/

**Original sealed Pkg. w one deck

**Original sealed hard plastic case w two decks

Misc. Collectables

Tie Tacs/"J & K Frame Revolvers,Pistols,Handcuffs& logo medallions

Chrome Letter opener/ w 3/4" logo Medallion

Zippo Rule/ w logo & name on front

Hinged Bracelet/ w 3/4" logo Medallion

Misc. Patches & Window Stickers
** Super Loop Key Ring/ w 1 1/2" Medallion/1981 Million Dollar Club

**Super Loop Key Ring/ w 1" Medallion/S & W logo on front & Revolver on back

** Various Lapel Pins

** Colt dress set / w Tie Tac & Cuff Links/ in Presentation Box
Savage Arms Dealer Placque/ 9" w.  x 12"h./ w cast sculptured Savage Indian
Heavy Plastic circular display piece from early 70's Savage Arms NSGA Show Display. 14 9/16" diameter x 1/4" thick.
S & W Dealer sign/ proposed but not made available to dealers. Back part of sign slides across to show that store is closed or open/ suction cups for attaching to store window

S & W Authorized Dealer Placque pictured on top and 7" x 9" overall size. Pictured below is the cast S & W sign plate from one of the S & W knife display cases.