***Reason for Selling Stuff***

The two little kids below, right & left, (both about six years old) were born 7 time zones and almost worlds apart. Leif Magne Kvarme was born in Trondheim, Norway & Kristin Julien was born in Robbinsdale, Mn. Eventually they first met in Kris's senior year of highschool in Monticello, Mn. when Leif Magne was an exchange student from Norway. 20 years later they met again @ their 20th highschool class reunion(center picture @ reunion) and now the rest of their fairytail romance, & incredible love story, is history as they now are husband & wife & live in Baerums Verk, Norway, which is just outside of Oslo. Now Kris's parents are the ones that are 7 time zones & 15 degrees away from their only daughter. In case you have not checked the cost of travel to Norway & Sweden lately, you will find that it is a bit spendy. Therefore, the "Reason for Selling Stuff."

Above pictures taken at the Monticello wedding

Pictures below taken at the Norway wedding

The Bride is in the traditional costume of Sweden, her heritage, and the groom wore the tuxedo that his dad had worn when he was married about 40 years before

Above/ Honeymooning in Mexico

What a bummer to have to go all the way to Norway to break your first bones(both just above the left ankle) Thank goodness for an adoring new husband & a wonderful new family for support during the recovery. It would appear that takeout Pizza is part of the healing process prescribed  in Norway.  Her mom & dad can only sit at home and empathize and hope for the best.

Max & I are reserving the spaces below for Grandchildren

How Exciting!!! A little Swede/Norwegian girl is expected in mid April 2007 & her name will be Julia

Born 4/30/07

Getting her first lap ride from the proud papa

Jan. '08/ Julia is now learning to stand by hanging on to things. Walking can't be that far away

Jan '08/  Julia is now crawling around keeping mom  & dad on their toes for sure

Jan '08/ Julia is always ready to show off her new teeth with her never ending smiles