SAUER 90                                                                                SAUER 90 Stutzen

The SAUER 90

Nowadays, very few products ever reach the status­ of a real classic. These cornerstones of human creation are distinguished by their unique function, distinctive design and aura of being indestructible. The SAUER 90 has long been a formidable classic. Once you have held the rifle, and experienced the bolt glide forward and backward, you know why.

The patented SAUER 90 breech system does not rotate when opening or locking the bolt. The mechanism is reg­ulated by three breeches at the back of the bolt, which sink into the bolt when the handle is raised and then turns up again when the bolt is locked. This elaborate design is enhanced by the smallest tolerances and high-grade polishing, creating a breech system that is both unique and unbeatable in the world of rifle production.

  • A button on the bolt handle allows the rifle to be opened in the safe position.
  • The signal pin allows you to check the loading state of the rifle by sight or by touch.
  • The set trigger automatically goes off set position when opening the bolt.
  • As with every SAUER the cold-forged Krupp barrel is produced in an elaborate process that ensures everlasting accuracy.
  • The push button safety device on the upper wrist allows traditional handling.
  • The direct trigger with adjustable set function gives the hunter the choice to vary the trigger pull weight according to the situation in order to perfectly place the shot.
  • The detachable magazine allows for comfortable handling and rapid repeating in critical situations.

A Timeless Classic


1. Traditional one piece stock
2. Unique smooth bolt move
3. Spring operated extractor
4. Flex-free prop flap locking
5. While opening bolt is not turning
6. Barrel is screwed and clamped in the action
7. Solid and precise bedding of the action
8. Detachable magazine for 3, 4, or 5 rounds depending upon caliber
9. Magazine catch
10. Solid and precice bedding of the action
11. Ergonomic push safety
12. Bolt can be opened when gun is on safety
13. Opening angle 60° allowing for a low mounting of the scope and a quick repeating action



To meet the needs of experienced sportsmen, the SAUER 90 was created...a deluxe rifle for those who insist on value as well as superior quality.
The SAUER 90 features a unique, modern bolt action with a short throw bolt and sophisticated cam-actuated locking lugs legendary for their glassy smooth operation. Barrels are made of cold hammer forged heat treated, chrome moly Krupp steel. The rich, lustrous blue finish on all metal parts is complemented by a select American claro walnut stock with hand cut checkering.  The bolt is guided along is full length within the receiver. Main components machined from the solid steel. Ergonomic arrangement of operational elements.
Silky smooth bolt action with minimal locking angle for fast repeating with weapon shouldered. High safety standards. Loaded chamber signal pin. Set trigger device. The opening angle for the locking-lug action is only at 60°, allowing low scope mounting and quick reloading.

The optimal safety is guaranteed by:

  • Press-button slide-safety in triplicate (locking of the trigger sear, toggle-joint and bolt)
  • Possibility to unlock the bolt in a safety condition
  • Automatic de-setting of the set-trigger when opening the bolt
  • The signal pin indicates that a cartridge is in the chamber
  • Locking-lug action without bending moments for cartridges with highest gas-pressures
  • The locking-lugs have only to take up pure compression forces


Type:  Bolt action rifle with three cam-actuated locking lugs on the center of the bolt, internal extractor


Short throw 60° turning bolt repeater; detachable, steel, single column, box magazine; ultra fast 4 millisecond lock time.

Safety Features:

Push button sliding safety on tang; Loaded round indicator on chamber; Safety pin in receiver; Fully enclosed bolt face; Three gas relief holes in bolt; Heat treated steel receiver and bolt; Firing pin cocking indicator on rear of bolt; Removable box magazine; Release button on bolt; Bolt handle serves as emergency locking lug


Adjustable, two stage trigger; Smooth bolt glide; High polish blue finish; Fast loading and unloading; Special sling swivels which cannot mar stock finish; Black rubber recoil pad;  Wundhammer palm swell; Tapered bore

Sights: Iron Sites Included, Drilled and tapped for sights and scope bases


Select American claro walnut with high gloss epoxy finish and rosewood fore-end and grip caps, Monte Carlo comb with cheekpiece, and 22 lines per inch, diamond pattern, hand cut checkering.

Optional Accessories:

Extra magazine, Quick Detachable J.P. Sauer & Sohn Rings & Bases Set

             SAUER 90 Actions Available:

SAUER 90 Short Action:

  • Caliber:  .222 Rem, .22-250, .243 Win,
  • Magazine capacity:  3 or 4 rounds
  • Length, overall:  42.5"
  • Weight:  7.5 lbs.
  • Barrel:  23.6"

SAUER 90 Stutzen Short Action:  The German carbine features a full length walnut stock and shorter barrel length.

  • Caliber:  .222 Rem, .22-250, .243 Win,
  • Magazine capacity:  3 or 4 rounds
  • Length, overall:  40.5"
  • Weight:  7.2 lbs.
  • Barrel:  21.6"

SAUER 90 Medium Action:

  • Caliber:  .25-06 Rem
  • Magazine capacity:  3 rounds
  • Length, overall:  42.5"
  • Weight:  7.5 lbs.
  • Barrel:  23.6"

SAUER 90 Magnum Action:

  • Caliber:  7mm Rem Magnum
  • Magazine capacity:  3 rounds
  • Length, overall:  46.5"
  • Weight:  7.7 lbs.
  • Barrel:  26"

Deluxe Grade SAUER 90

SAUER 90 Lux:

  • Select Grade II walnut stock
  • Gold plated trigger
  • Polished and jeweled bolt

SAUER 90 Stutzen Lux:

  • Select Grade II full length stock walnut stock
  • Gold plated trigger
  • Polished and jeweled bolt; Carbine full length stock


  • Stutzen models no longer available in United States
  • Only 6 rifles imported into United States chambered in .222 Remington

             SAUER Rifle Scope Bases

The scope bases for the following SAUER models are interchangeable:

·        Colt Sauer

·        Sauer 90

·        Sauer 200

Bases Available:

  • J.P. Sauer milled steel quick detachable ring and mount system, made in Germany, Mounting Hardware Included
  • Weaver Dovetail Scope Bases #35 (front & rear standard length bases) Material: Aluminum, Mounting Hardware Included
  • Weaver Dovetail Scope Bases #40A (front & rear extension bases) Material: Aluminum, Mounting Hardware Included
  • Redfield SR 47185 two piece steel bases, Mounting Hardware Included
  • Weaver Dovetail Scope Bases #S35 (front & rear standard length bases) Material: Steel, Mounting Hardware Included
  • Weaver Dovetail Scope Bases #S40A (front & rear extension bases) Material: Steel, Mounting Hardware Included
  • Weaver Pivot Mount Bases #135 front (front & rear extension bases) Material: Steel, Mounting Hardware Included

             The Sauer Legend

There is much more to Sauer’s history than a chronological list of inventions. It is also about the people that created them. Founder Johann Paul Sauer and his son Paul began their pioneer work over 250 years ago. In 1751, in Suhl (Thuringia), they created the basis for the subsequent success of industrial rifle and handgun production in Germany. Significant product developments, patents and major economical successes document the long-standing commitment of the Sauer dynasty.

ISO Certification:  Certification for Exemplary Environmental Management

Following detailed and exhaustive testing, Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance GmbH awarded us the Environmental Management Certificate on September 17, 2004. According to this certificate, Sauer & Sohn comply with the ISO Standards, 14001:1996, EN ISO 14001:1996, DIN EN ISO 14001:1996 and BS EN ISO 14001:1996. The certification refers to all of our departments, from Sales and Marketing to Development and Production, on through to the Service. This of course also includes all the product categories, that is to say, rifles and handguns for hunting, sports and public sector security forces.

Sauer & Sohn therefore emphasize their competent know-how as one of the leading international manufacturers of security, sports and hunting firearms in conserving a stable and intact environment for future generations, and also underscore their solidarity with hunting and hunters that make their contribution around the world to nature conservation and species protection.


To ensure that each weapon produced at Sauer & Sohn meets our uncompromising standards, every step of the production process is kept in-house, from barrel manufacturing and CNC machining to surface finishing, engraving and meticulous assembly. The factory in Eckernförde is equipped with the latest technology and staffed by over 350 employees, all of whom are passionate about their commitment to quality and precision work.

At the same time, Sauer & Sohn is continually striving to perfect weapons technology and grow the company. More than 10 percent of our employees work in development and related areas, and are consistently coming out with new products and performance enhancements. We firmly believe that innovation is key to future success.

Material & Processing

Every stage of the production process, from acceptance of raw materials through to delivery of the finished hunting rifle, is stringently monitored. Nothing less than the highest quality Krupp steel is used in barrel production. Steel receivers are standard. High-grade aluminum alloys developed for aerospace technology are used in all lightweight models.

Our beautiful and distinctive stocks are produced from Turkish walnut of different quality classes. Each one is meticulously handcrafted and adorned with your choice of checkering and carvings. This exquisite artwork is performed almost exclusively by our own master engravers.